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       Scientific Writing Workshop

      Dr. Elliott Churchill
      2436 Northrup Drive
      Tucker, GA 30084 USA
      Telephone: 770-491-8082 FAX: 770-491-8309
      E-mail: rec1234@bellsouth.net

Background and Rationale
      The Thai FETP trainees write reports on their outbreak responses in the Thai language. However, most of the articles in international journals are written in English. The Thai FETP would like to submit the trainee’s manuscripts to international scientific journals for publication. Since English is the second language of the Thai trainees, most trainees need assistance to strengthen their scientific writing. A scientific editor will revise the trainees’ reports so that it will be in a format that scientific journals will consider for publication.

    - Strengthen FETP’s trainee scientific writing which include abstract, manuscript from outbreak investigation, field research and surveillance
    - Editor will assisting Thai and international FETP trainees on
      a) submit a manuscript that a scientific, peer-reviewed journal will review and
      b) assist the trainee in responding to the comments made by the reviewer of their manuscript.
    - Submit trainee’s manuscript to international scientific journal
Workshop Method:

      One week in advance to review trainee’s manuscripts

Class room teaching:
      10-14 January 2011

Course outline
    - Type of manuscripts journal select
    - Understand the review process for scientific journals
    - How to write abstract, manuscript, discussion and cover letter
    - Editing techniques
    - How to respond to comments from reviewers
    - How to find a journal to publish your paper.

One-on-one basis:
     Working with Thai FETP trainees on develop the manuscripts, 17-21 January 2011
     Working with International FETP trainees on develop the manuscripts, 24-28 January 2011
     Follow-up and final working with Thai FETP and international trainees on develop the manuscripts during 21 March to 1 April 2011

      FETP office, MoPH Campus, Nontaburi, Thailand