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       FETP Weekly Scientific Meeting

      Every Monday at 09.00 am. sharply.

    o Summary and present outbreak investigation progress from trainee who responsible for verify outbreak and PI of outbreak investigation
    o Brief summary an epidemiology weekly report from international journal
    o Present their study in the meeting
    o Develop skill and practice in scientific presentation
    o Study more knowledge by experts from other field

    1. Outbreak announcement or follow up the investigate results of the past weeks.
    2. The trainees read the news of disease surveillance (MMWR) of Disease Control and US. CDC., WHO Weekly Report or news from PROMED etc. The specific important matters shall be concluded for the colleagues only.
    3. Criticism to the articles from Journal Club once a month.
    4. Review knowledge on statistics and epidemiology as Tutorial Session once a month.
     Every meeting, one of those trainees shall be assigned to be the Moderator and to control the time for the activities until finishing on the day
     Presentation of the trainees shall be in 30 minutes. The trainees shall make the Standard Abstract with no more than 1 page in English consisting of 4 main topics; those are Background, Method, Results, and Conclusion (See sample attached herewith). Anyhow, the Presentation File provided shall be consulted with the advisor before presentation,
     The trainees can invite the instructors or related outsiders to listen the presentation and to criticize the working results
     To present the working results to be evaluated by using the Evaluation Form provided.
     Tutorial Session is an activity for the trainees to have their opportunity to review the statistical knowledge and necessary epidemiology, while the topic shall determine and assign to have the reviewer from the beginning of the year, and the trainees should take Hand Out or Presentation File prepared to consult to the advisor before actual presentation at least 2 weeks.
      During the 3 weeks period that trainees come back to the training center trainees have to attend FETP Weekly Scientific Meeting conducted in every Monday. If situation allowed, some trainees might be assign to responsible for some activities in the weekly meeting, which can be:
    o Moderator of the morning section, including summarize interesting PROMED news of the previous week
    o Summarize MMWR (US, CDC) or WHO Weekly Report (not longer than 5 minutes)
    o Journal club (see guideline in appendix)
    o Tutorial Section

Interesting note: When trainees present the result of investigation or study, they should provide abstract to audience in the meeting room