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101BookStatisticsWilliam L.Hays 327419881029
102Bookสิบรูปแบบการสร้างนวัตกรรม หลักการสร้างพัฒนาการที่ยิ่งใหญ่ลาร์รี่ คีลี่ย์ 32732558276
103BookIntroduction to Data MiningTan Steinbach Kumar 32722014732
104BookDiscovering Statistics Using RAndy Field 32712012957
105BookData Mining Concepts and TechniquesJiawei Han 32702011703
106BookLilienfelds Foundation of EpidemiologyDona Schneider 31962015333
107BookCausal Inference for Statistics Social and Biomedical Sciences An IntroductionJiawei Han 32702015625
108BookHealth Behavior Theory research and PracticeKaren Glanz 26512015485
109BookPublic Health Informatics and Information SystemsJ.A.Magnuson 32682014666
110BookOxford Handbook of clinical and Healthcare ResearchSumantra Ray 32672016580
111BookPrimer of Applied Regression Analysis of VarianceStanton A. Glantz 326620161183
112BookEnvironmental Health From Global to Local Howard Frumkin 32652016855
113BookZoonoses Infections Affecting Humans and Animals Focus on Public Health AspectsAndreas Sing 326420151143
114BookThe New Public HealthTheodore H. Tulchinsky 26842014884
115BookMethods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care programmesMichael F. Drummond 19712015445
116BookInfectious Disease SurveillanceNkuchia M. M ikanatha 32632013687
117BookStatistical Methods in Diagnostic MedicineXiao Hua Zhou 32622011545
118BookStatistics for Spatial DataNoel A. C. Cressie 32612015900
119BookPublic Health and Epidemiology at a Glance Margaret Somerville 29742012111
120BookPropensity score analysis statistical methods and ApplicationsShenyang Guo 29512015421
121BookAgent Based and Individual Based Modeling A practical introductionSteven F Railsback 32572011329
122BookUsers Guides to the Medical Literature a manual for evidence based clinical practiceGordon Guyatt 26672008697
123BookThank You for Arguing what aristotle Lincoln and homer simpson can teach us about thJay Heinrichs 32562013408
124BookUnderstanding The New Statistics Effect Sizes Confidence Intervals and Meta AnalysiGeoff Cumming 30872012519
125BookCost Effectiveness Analysis in Health A Practical ApproachPeter Muennig 32552016450
126BookQuantum EpidemiologyKenneth Tingey 32542015132
127BookPractical Time Series Forecasting With R A Hands On GuideGalit Shmueli 29402016232
128BookEpidemiology and the peoples health Theory and ContextNancy Krieger 29182011381
129BookMarketing Public Health Strategies to Promote Social ChangeElissa A. Resnick 32522013382
130BookMixed Methods in health sciences research A Practical PrimerLeslie Curry 32512015394
131BookJekels Epidemiology Biostatistics Preventive Medicine and Public healthDavid L. Katz 32502014405
132BookBehavioral Economics Public healthChristina A. Roberto 32492016367
133BookMastering public health Essential skills for effective practice Barry S.Levy 32472012358
134BookBecoming a master manager a competing values approachRobert E. Quinn 31342015340
135BookForecasting Principles and Practice Rob J Hyndman 32462014291
136BookScutchfield and Kecks Principles of public health practicePaul C. Erwin 32452017602
137BookYour Statistical consultant Answers to Your Data Analysis QuestionsRae R. Newton 30292013356
138BookCounterfactuals and Causal Inference Methods and Principles for Social ResearchStephen L. Morgan 32442015499
139BookConcepts of epidemiology integrating the ideas theories principle and methods of epiRaj S. Bhopal 19452016441
140BookInjury EpidemiologyLeon S. Robertson 26722015286
141BookHandbook of Structural Equation modelingRick H. Hoyle 32432012738
142BookFundamentals of Clinical TrialsLawrence M.Friedman 32422015550
143BookIntermediate Epidemiology Methods that MatterManya Magnus 31722016412
144BookInterpreting Epidemiologic Evirdence Connecting Research to ApplicationsDavid A. Savitz 19132016226
145BookEpidemiology Matters A New Introduction to Methodological Foundations Katherine M. Keyes 31532014239
146BookPlanning Implementing&Evaluating Health Promotion Programs A PrimerJames F Mckenzie 32402017478
147BookMedical BiostatisticsAbhaya Indrayan 31562013962
148BookManagerial Epidemiology concepts and casesSteven T. Fleming 32392008486
149BookPearson New International Edition Using Multivariate Statistics Barbara G.Tabachnick 323720131056
150BookCategorical Data AnalysisAlan Agresti 15692013714

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