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No.Cate. TitleAuthor Publish years pages
451BookCases in field Epidemiology A Global PerspectiveMark S. Dworkin 29532011477
452BookPublic Health and Epidemiology at a GlanceMargaret Somerville 2974201294
453BookOxford Handbook of Public Health PracticeDavid Pencheon 29732011691
454BookExercises in Epidemiology Applying Principle and MethodsNoel S. Weiss 18722012257
455Bookการออกแบบการวิจัย วิธีการเชิงปริมาณ เชิงคุณภาพ และผสมผสานวิธีการองอาจ นัยพัฒน์ 29722551408
456BookEpidemiology and Prevention of Cardiovascular Diseases A Global ChallengeDarwin R. Labarthe 29712011709
457BookDictionary of Contemporary EnglishPEARSON Longman 271320092081
458BookOxford Textbook of Zoonoses Biology Clinical Practice and Public Health ControlS.R.Palmer 29672011884
459BookMultilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata Volume Il Continuous Responses CounSophia Rabe Hesketh 27302012974
460BookMultilevel and Longitudinal Modeling Using Stata Volume I Continuous ResponsesSophia Rabe Hesketh 27302012497
461BookHandbook of Behavioral Medicine Methods and ApplicationsAndrew Steptoe 296420111073
462BookBasic Math and Pre-AlgebraJonathan White 29632003322
463BookR GraphicsPaul Murrell 29622005301
464BookMedical GeographyMelinda S. Meade 29602000501
465Bookสถิติวิเคราะห์สำหรับการวิจัยทางสัมศาสตร์และพฤติกรรมศาสตร์ เทคนิคการใช้โปรแกรม LISRELรองศาสตราจารย์ ดร.สุภมาส อังศุ29582554426
466BookEpidemiology of Chronic Disease Global PerspectivesRandall E. Harris 29572012721
467BookPublic Health Informatics and Information SystemsPatrick W. O Carroll 29562003790
468Bookการศึกษาเพื่อประชากร 1,300 ล้าน สิบปีของการปฏิรูปและพัฒนาการศึกษาหลี่ หลานชิง 29552552640
469BookClinical Trials Design Conduct and AnalysisCurtis L. Meinert 29542012665
470BookPharmacoepidemiologyBrian L. Strom 26812012953
471BookOutbreak Investigations Around the World Case Studies in Infectious Disease Field EpMark S. Dworkin 29532009456
472BookPropensity Score Analysis Statistical Methods and ApplicationsShenyang Guo 29512010370
473BookQuantitative Data Analysis Doing Social Research to test IdeasDonald J. Treiman 29502009443
474BookIntroducing Multilevel ModelingITA KREFT 24082007149
475BookEpidemiological Research Terms and ConceptsO.S.Miettinen 29492011175
476BookUp from Clinical Epidemiology & EBMO.S.Miettinen 29492011175
477BookMedical Decision Making A Health Economic PrimerStefan Felder 29472011200
478BookDisease Surveillance A Public Health Informatics ApproachJoseph S. Lombardo 29452007458
479BookHealth Measurement Scales A practical guide to their development and useDavid L. Streiner 19962008431
480BookIntroduction to ProbabilityJohn E. Freund 29441993247
481BookMethods for the Economic Evaluation of Health Care ProgrammesMichael F. Drummond 19712005379
482BookOccupational and Environmental Health Recognizing and Preventing Disease and InjuryBarry S. Levy 19632011854
483Bookการประเมินความเสี่ยงทางสุขภาพอนามัย (ธีรวิโรจน์) เทศกะทึก 29412553356
484BookPractical Time Series ForecastingGalit Shmueli 29402012202
485BookSocial EpidemiologyLisa F.Berkman 29382000391
486BookEssentials of PharmacoeconomicsKaren L. Rascati 29372009250
487BookAn Introduction to MedicalMartin Bland 29362000405
488BookPractical Multivariate AnalysisAbdelmonem Afifi 29342012517
489BookSurvival Analysis A Self-Learning TextDavid G. Kleinbaum Mitchel Kle29332012700
490BookForecasting Methods and ApplicationsSpyros Makridakis 29311998642
491BookSpatial Epidemiology Methods and ApplicationsP.Elliott 29292000475
492BookModern Infectious Disease EpidemiologyJohan Giesecke 29282002268
493BookGIS and Public HealthEllen K. Cromley 20102012503
494BookMethods in Field EpidemiologyPia D.M. MacDonald 29262012349
495BookCollege Mathematics For Business Economics Life Sciences and Social SciencesRaymond A. Barnett 29242008971
496BookReading and Understanding Multivariate StatisticsLaurence G. Grimm 29221995373
497BookReading and Understanding More Multivariate StatisticsLaurence G. Grimm 29222000437
498BookFundamentals of BiostatisticsBernard Rosner 20192011859
499Bookระบาดวิทยาพื้นฐานรองศาสตราจารย์นายแพทย์สีลม แจ่29192554350
500BookEpidemiology and the Peoples Health Theory and ContextNancy Krieger 29182011381

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