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International Field Epidemiology Training Program - Thailand Field Epidemiology Training for Public Health Professional (FETPH)

Klematis IFETP is a competency based training program, designed for health professionals who intend to improve the health of population with epidemiological tools. IFETP - Thailand under the Bureau of Epidemiology, Ministry of Public Health Thailand, began in 1980. The program has been organized by the Ministry of Public Health, the US. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) and the World Health Organization (WHO.) Thailand has offered the International FETP to trainees from neighboring countries since 1998.
In 2001 the Bureau of Epidemiology became a WHO Collaborating Centre for Field Epidemiology training and Research. The philosophy of the training is "learning-by-doing", therefore, trainees have to perform their works under real situation. To be able to apply epidemiological knowledge to public health, trainees return to their country to complete assignments:- situation analysis, outbreak investigation and surveillance evaluation.

To give health practitioners the skill and experience in field epidemiology to become competent leaders in public health.
Degree - Certificate of Accomplishment in International Field Epidemiology Training Program - Thailand by WHO, US.CDC and MOPH Thailand
Course: Field Epidemiology Training for Public Health Professional (FETPH)
Application deadline - February 20, 2011
Date of acceptance - March 1, 2011
Course starts - May 24, 2011

       Specific Objectives:
Obtain epidemiologic skills to identify problems and make recommendations for priority health conditions
Effectively manage and respond to outbreaks and other urgent health events
Enhance surveillance system
Become trainers in Field Epidemiology
Enhance cross-border health network.

The program has three phases:

       Phase I - 11 weeks in Thailand (17 May to 8 August 2011)
Main activities are class room learning on basic epidemiology, participating in field works for surveillance system evaluation and outbreak investigation in Thailand. Participant will develop and present proposal of situation analysis.

       Phase II - In participant's country
On-the-job training in home country, trainees have to perform their works under real situation with distance-based consultation and on-site supervision from FETP advisors and country advisors.

       Phase III - 3 seminars in Thailand in three-week period, the tentative schedule are:
- January 2012
- August 2012
- January 2013
Participants are required to return to the FETP Training Center in a three-week period at six-month interval to present their works, attend workshops and take examination.

Recruit a young active candidate who is hard working and dedicated for public health with the following qualifications:
- MD., DVM, Assistant clinical officer or health officer Employed in Public health for at least 3 years and currently active in epidemiology or public health services such as surveillance, disease prevention & control and health promotion
- Effectively in English, preferably TOEFL score of at least 500
- Positive Attitude
- Preferably age less than 40 years old.

Interested and eligible candidates should submit application with relevant documents to the FETP - Thailand before February 20, 2011 :
1. Application form
2. Letter of application expressing applicant's intention and curriculum vitae
3. Letter of support from applicant's government for participating in training activities both inside and outside the country.
4. Scholarship request letter.

FETP training Centre, Bureau of Epidemiology, Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.

       PROGRAM EXPECTATIONTo fulfil the program expectation, the following conditions are recommended:
- 1 country supervisor and 1 country advisors
- Situation that allows participants to perform surveillance and investigation action
- Participants will become future trainers in field epidemiology for the country.
Scholarship with full support will be limited to 2 seats for participants from Asian countries.

Requirement tasks must be finished within the training period, with full reports or manuscripts to be submitted to the program for course completion:
One secondary health data analysis
1-2 epidemiological investigation (case/outbreak)
1 surveillance study (data analysis/evaluation) or field research.


International Field Epidemiology Training Program - Thailand (IFETP - Thailand)
Bureau of Epidemiology, Department of Disease Control Ministry of Public Health,
Tiwanond Road Nonthaburi, THAILAND 11000
Phone: 662 5901734-5 Fax: 662 5918581
Website: http://www.interfetpthailand.net
E-mail: aidsgt2@health.moph.go.th, vanlaya_kaew@yahoo.com, chulee@health.moph.go.th