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Joint PhD and IFETP - Thailand Program

In collaboration with the International Program for Graduate Study in Epidemiology, Prince of Songkla University (PSU), the International Field Epidemiology Training Program (IFETP) - Thailand offers a four-year training program called "PhD + IFETP - Thailand."

       Program objective:
To give health practitioners the skills and experience in field epidemiology as they become competent leaders in academia and the field of public health.

       Specific objectives:
Strengthen research capacity for those that wish to embark on a research career in the health sciences. Areas of research currently include reproductive health, cancer, pulmonary, occupational, environmental and injury epidemiology as well as health systems research
Obtain epidemiologic skills to identify problems and make recommendations for priority health conditions
Effectively manage and respond to outbreaks and other urgent health events
Enhance the current surveillance system
Become trainers in Field Epidemiology
Enhance cross-border health networks

       Program Design:
This program is designed for physicians who would like to improve the health of the population through epidemiology. The philosophy of the training is "learning-by-doing." Thus, trainees work with real health-related events. Trainees return to their country to work and complete program assignments utilizing and demonstrating the knowledge obtained through the training program.
Trainees will start their course work for the PhD Program at PSU the first year and return for the third year. IFETP will be their focus during their second and third year. During the last two years, trainees will travel to Thailand to complete IFETP assignments (16 weeks), conduct data analysis (at least 6 months) and write their thesis for PSU.