Field Activities

       Surveillance System Evaluation

      1. To train the new trainees of IFETP to understand the objectives and operations of surveillance system in Thailand and border areas and its operation as well as realizing the limitations of surveillance information.
      2. To strengthen collaboration and human capacity in field epidemiology specific in disease surveillance system for local public health officers both in Thailand and border areas.
      3. To strengthen the cross border cooperation and collaboration of surveillance system.

       Specific Objectives:
      1. To describe the Surveillance system in Thailand or Cross border
      2. To identify the key performance of the Thailand Surveillance System
      3. To strengthen the cross border cooperation, collaboration and sharing of information for malaria surveillance system
      4. To suggest recommendations for improvement.

      - At the end of the first year, each trainee should select one surveillance system in their own country to evaluate. The selected system should be the trainee's workplace or the system's owner agrees to the evaluation or is interested in improvement.
      - Submit a proposal of surveillance evaluation at the training center in August seminar of the second year (August 2015).
      - Present results during seminar (February 2016).
      - Submit the full report (with approval of FETP advisor) within two months after presentation.