Field Activities

       For Field Epidemiology
      VTR FETP 3 minute
      VTR FETP 5 minute

       Outbreak Investigation

      1. To gain skills in outbreak investigation
      2. To gain management skills in outbreak investigation
      3. To be able to assess the impact of outbreak investigations through follow-up of the changes made per your recommendations
      4. To gain skills in writing scientific reports regarding outbreak investigation

      - Each trainee must search for one to two outbreaks to investigate in their own country. The trainee will act as the principal investigator of the investigation.
      - If possible, the FETP advisor would like to join the investigation in the field. This field supervision during the investigation will be done upon request of the country and requires timely notification to the FETP advisor.
      - Present results of the outbreak investigation at FETP in either weekly scientific meeting or seminar. The date of the presentation is not fixed to the first or the second year. It will depend on the timing of the outbreak. However, it is preferable that trainees finish their investigations within the first year.
      - Submit the final report (with approval of FETP advisor) within two months after the presentation.