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Expanding From a national to an International Program

History of FETP-Thailand
Expanding from a national to an International Program

             Since 1984, the FETP staff considered inviting public health personnel from other developing countries to participate in the FETP. Their training and experience in the Thai FETP may help their countries develop a similar program that can be adapted to their needs. While participants from neighboring countries attended the one-month introductory course on field epidemiology, it was not until 1998 that the idea of an international FETP was accepted and endorsed by WHO SEARO during the 42nd meeting of the CCPDM in Delhi, India. In 1998 and the following two years, the International Field Epidemiology Trainging Program-Thailand enrolled one physician from Myanmar in the first class, one medical staff from Myanmar in the second class and one from Vietnam in the third class.

      The International Field Epidemiology Training Program-Thailand is designed for physicians who would like to improve the health of population through the use of epidemiological approaches. The philosophy of the training is "learning-by-doing". Therefore, trainees work on real situations. To better understand and better apply knowledge, trainees are requested to return to their own country for program assignments.

General Objective :
      To give health practitioners the skill and experience in field epidemiology to become competent leaders in public health.

Specific Objectives :
Obtain epidemiologic skills to identify problems and making recommendations for priority health condition
Effectively manage and respond outbreaks and other urgent health events
Enhance the current surveillance system
Become trainers of Field Epidemiology
Enhance cross-border health network.